CODY MADDUX - CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

Cody Started doing CrossFit in March of 2012, while stationed on Fort Hood, Tx while in the Army. He initially started CrossFit to lose weight and fell in love with the training.

At the one year mark he had begun to train his friends for free out of his garage. Six months later he introduced CrossFit to his Unit and was called on to help create a fitness program that involved CrossFit for the troops he worked with. He taught Non Commissioned Officers movement standards and helped program a 6 month block of workouts.

In 2015 He finished his army contract and decided he would like to pursue a profession in CrossFit. He then received a CrossFit Level 1 Certificate in 2016.

His passion lies in seeing other people succeed. He loves to show extremely normal people that any workout can be modified to version that they can perform. No personal achievement excites him as much as seeing another human set goals, put forth hours of training and then reach that goal. He wants to help you become not only a healthier person, but a more driven person outside of the gym. Fitness transcends far from the walls of the gym, the gym is just the starting line.


GREG PENDERGAST AKA Ol' Greg - CrossFit Level 1 Trainer, B.S. Athletic Training, M.S.Kinesiology (currently obtaining)

My name is Greg and recently became one of the new coaches at Topwater Crossfit as of April 2017 after receiving my Crossfit Level 1 Certificate (CF-L1). I moved to Port Lavaca in August 2015 and currently work at Calhoun High School as the Assistant Athletic Trainer and Varsity Camp Administration as a First Aider/Manager/Varsity Shop Associate at cheerleader & dance camps & competitions throughout the year. I graduated from Texas State University with a B.S. in Athletic Training in 2015 and currently finishing my M.S. in Kinesiology from U.T. Tyler. I have been a part of Crossfit for 6 years starting in 2011 and have been taught various techniques for training, adaptation and proper treatments to prevent and manage both short and long term injuries. Major goals that I have are to help promote and educate health and wellness through physical exercise, nutrition and the prevention and treatment of injuries. Lifetime goals are to compete at Crossfit Regionals and be own a gym that trains athletes and provides therapy and rehabilitation.